Why Choose Gray Line?

Gray Line Minnesota is dedicated to serving our community through our premium transportation service! Come ride with us, on our safe and reliable vehicles that are perfect for your transportation and sightseeing needs.

Truly the Local Experts

Gray Line Minnesota has the access and experience to bring you the best that the Twin Cities has to offer.

Dedication to Safety

Gray Line Minnesota’s parent company, Schmitty & Sons, has been operating passenger vehicles since the 1940s. Our dedication to safety has been the fundamental corporate value that has created our growth over our company’s 70 years of history.

Schmitty & Sons Transportation has a high safety rating on the Department of Transportation safety rating (www.fmcsa.dot.gov/safety-security/PCS/Consumers) in the state of Minnesota and among the highest in the nation. We also carry one of the highest insurance coverage’s in the industry within the State of Minnesota.

Variety To Fit Your Needs

Our fleet of more than 100 vehicles of varying sizes provides us with an unmatched ability to meet the needs of groups large and small.  In addition, our fleet is among the most modern in the United States assuring our customers the best in comfort, amenities and reliability.

Rigorous Maintenance Program

Our goal is 100% uptime for our vehicles.  To achieve that, we maintain a rigorous preventative maintenance program and when the inevitable breakdown does occur, we hustle to get repairs completed in a high-quality manner.  Not only that, we are also sticklers for keeping the fleet clean and filled with fuel prior to your trip.  While this may seem like a little thing, we know that it can make a big difference on your trip.

Experienced Drivers

The most important element to assuring the safety and enjoyment of your trip is our experienced, friendly, well-trained and well-dressed drivers.  This is the right combination to assure you and your group the best experience possible.